February 26, 2024

How To Quickly Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error PS038 Easily?

Getting QuickBooks Payroll Error PS038? Effortlessly resolve Error PS038 with our quick guide. Navigate the fix easily, ensuring smooth payroll operations.

Payroll is the advanced component of QuickBooks that helps entrepreneurs calculate the correct payrolls of their employees. Also, it helps track employees’ working hours and e-file the taxes. You must update QuickBooks payroll frequently to install the latest payroll tax table. Though updating QuickBooks payroll is straightforward, some users might face QuickBooks Payroll Error PS038. It is an update error that occurs at the time of updating the latest tax table. Users will receive an error message stating, “Payroll Error PS038: Unable to identify the correct payment.” This blog will delve into the delegacies of QuickBooks payroll update error PS038. So, read the complete blog to learn more about payroll update errors.


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What Triggers Error PS038 in QuickBooks Desktop?

Several reasons are responsible for triggering the PS038 error in QuickBooks desktop. A few of reasons are listed below:

  • You are using the outdated/older version of the Payroll Tax table.

  • An inactive subscription to QuickBooks payroll will result in this error.

  • The payroll data files become corrupted due to virus/ malware attacks.

  • You are still using the outdated version of QuickBooks software.

Proven Procedures to Resolve PS038 Error in QuickBooks Desktop

There are different methods to fix PS038 errors in QuickBooks desktop. You can implement any of the solutions. Let us explore each solution individually.

Solution 1: Update QuickBooks Desktop to its Latest Release Version

  • Firstly, sign in to QuickBooks Desktop by using your admin ID and password.

  • After that, click on the Help menu and choose the Update QuickBooks Desktop option.

  • Thereafter, click on the “Update now option and then press the “Get updates” option.

  • Close and reopen QuickBooks once updates are downloaded.

  • Press the Yes button when asked to install updates.

  • Follow the instructions to update the software.

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Solution 2: Update the Payroll Tax Table to the Latest 

  • Foremost, login to your QuickBooks payroll with the help of admin credentials.

  • Now, click on the employee’s tab and then press the Get Payroll updates option.

  • Check the table version and then press the latest payroll news and updates option to check the version,

  • Next, click on the payroll update info option to know more details about the payroll tax table.

  • Ahead, click on download the entire update to download the latest tax table update.

  • A message appears on the screen when the tax table download is complete.

Solution 3: Utilize the Verify and Rebuilt Data Utility

  • Create the data backup before running the verified and rebuilt data utility.

  • Login to your QuickBooks software with the help of your admin ID and password.

  • Next, click on the file menu and then pick the utilities option.

  • Further, choose to verify data utility to check the data discrepancies.

  • In case any data discrepancies are found, you need to run the rebuilt data utility to fix them.

  • Again, click on the file menu and choose the Utilities option.

  • Further, in utility, choose rebuilt data utility to fix the data issues.

To put it End 

QuickBooks Payroll is an important component that eases the work of business owners. However, you need to update the tax table to its latest version in order to generate accurate payrolls. Though updating payroll is a simple process, users might face QuickBooks payroll error PS038. Hopefully, this blog will help you in fixing the payroll update issue easily. You can call our experts anytime, in case you need expert advice connect with us at +1-833-460-2030.


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