December 5, 2023

The Impact of Diversity and Inclusion in CBSE School

If you are wondering how this setup helps students, the pointers below would help get clarity.

A school embracing diversity enrols students from different cultures, ethnicities, religions, abilities, and socio-economic classes. You can find these schools at the preschool or higher level, and they broadly fall into the category of inclusive education schools. They do not segregate classrooms into different groups based on cultural diversities and support the message of a society that accepts and treats everyone alike.

Ditching the traditional norms where segregations happen on different grounds, this education system has gained much popularity. Parents also prefer choosing inclusive education rather than keeping Indian high school Dubai fees as their primary consideration. If you are wondering how this setup helps students, the pointers below would help get clarity.

Impact of Diversity and Inclusion on Students


  • Diversity makes children comfortable with beliefs and opinions other than their own. As a result, they become aware of other people’s perspectives and learn to be respectful towards them. Moreover, as they become aware of different viewpoints, they get skilled at decision-making. They will learn the art of considering all situations, considering all perspectives, and making a decision that serves everyone best.


  • Another benefit of inclusive education is that it increases the total exposure of students, including those attending the five best schools in Dubai 2024. They will learn about different cultures and human behaviors at the school level itself. As adults enter the professional world, they will be adaptable enough to adjust to any work culture. Dealing with people at a workplace who come from different mindsets would never bother them.


  • Relocating to different places for work or education purposes is much easier for students studying in a diverse environment. This is because they already have experience in multiple cultures. Thus, they already have exposure to the culture of the new place they are moving to. So, for parents planning to send their children overseas for higher education, it is a fruitful decision to choose an inclusive education school for them. 


  • Diversity in learning also helps promote a sense of acceptance in society. It establishes an environment of zero indifference where nobody spreads hate based on differences in appearance, creed, or class. These schools make students coming from different backgrounds study together in one classroom and respect each other. By teaching this mutual respect to students in their early years, the schools are actually doing their bit to create a better society. 


  • This type of school setup also helps specially-abled children by giving them a platform where they get accepted in the mainstream. When they study collaboratively with other children and interact with them normally, they gain enough confidence to face the challenges irrespective of their inability. Moreover, it takes a lot of burden off the shoulder of their parents as they see their children become valued parts of society.

Diversity has multiple benefits for students, schools, and society. The only thing required is the support from parents in encouraging schools to promote inclusion in schools. At the same time, schools should focus on making every student comfortable in the diverse environment and enjoy the perks that this setup has to offer.

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